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A freestyle-carving shape with a slightly softer flex and torsion than the rest of our line make the OTTO a playful board ideal for carving in and out of side-hits and park features. Offering the most tail in our line, this board is loaded with pop, and its lack of taper and a smaller setback allows for easy switch landings. All of that combined with the classic KORUA float camber and radius makes it a great all-mountain board, a perfect fit for riders who want to draw turns without sacrificing freestyle performance.


Length (cm) 157 (A)
Effective Edge (mm) 1170 (B)
Running Length (mm) 1010
Nose Width (mm) 298 (C)
Waist Width (mm) 260 (D)
Tail Width (mm) 298 (E)
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 8,2
Setback (mm) 10
Taper (mm) 0
Recommended Stance (cm) 55
Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 50 - 64
Board Weight (kg) 2,8
Flex (1-10) 6
Float (1-10) 6


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